Features (E)

 Training Log


  • Creation and modification of workouts
  • Configuration of own activities (endurance sports)
  • Highlight of personal record performance
  • Comprehensive graphical views
  • Managing of equipments (Bicycles, Shoes) incl. Reports
  • Multi-User
  • Power calculation
  • Statistic overview of workouts
  • Calculation of own defined saison targets
  • Managing of bicycle maintenance (overview runtime of tires, chain, …)
  • Assignment of train data/altitude profiles
  • Assignment of GPS data for internal OpenStreetMap Viewer
  • Assignment of documentation for internal HTML Viewer
  • Assignment of picture documentation for internal Picture Viewer
  • Fultext search
  • Planning and controlling of workouts
  • Automatic creation of workout plans
  • Creation and editing of individual workout plans
  • Graphical control of workout results
  • Comprehensive filter- and reporting functionalities
  • Individual calculation of workout areas
  • Marathon planner for run activity
  • Calculation of best running times
  • Calculation of Lap times
  • Calendar functionality

Data Manager

  • Import of CicloSport® cycling computer HAC4, HAC4pro, HAC5 or CM4XXM .tur files
  • Import of CicloSport® cycling computer HAC4, HAC4pro, HAC5 or CM4XXM Rawdata (directly about serial interface too)
  • Import and Export of Garmin® Edge Courses and History files
  • Import of Garmin® FIT files
  • Import of ANT+ Sport power capability
  • Import of Polar® .hrm files
  • Import of Sigma® .rox 2.x, 3.x and 4.x files
  • Import of Suunto® .sdf files
  • Import of Google .kml files
  • Import of Magic Maps ASCII Overlay files
  • Import of GPS Exchange Format .gpx files
  • Import of Compe GPS .trk files
  • Import of Timex Run Trainer .pwx files
  • Import .csv from GPSMaster / “MAPTAQ GPS Watch Software”
  • Report of heartrate-, speed-, climbing-, power-time analyse as a cake diagram
  • Modification of markers

System Requirements

  • Platform independent/configurable: This program is written in JAVA and under the following Operation Systems tested and runable:
    • Windows®
    • 7/8/Vista/XP/98/95/2000/NT4.0
    • Mac OS X®
    • Linux, Solaris® (UNIX), WeTab OS
  • Precondition is a Java-Runtime-Enviroment from version 1.8 (Download at Oracle®).
  • Individual definition of Look & Feel
  • Language German/English/Dutch/Russian
  • 10 MByte Space without Java Runtime Enviroment
 Train data/Altitude profile

  • View of altitude graphs from the workout recorded data
  • Shows in a profile with multiple individual axis altitude, heartrate, temprature, climbing, power, speed and cadence
  • Zoom of both axis in altitude graphs
  • Individual definition of heart rate area
  • Altitude graph by distance or by time
  • Compare of two altitude profiles by drag’n’drop from the train units
  • Creation of a .png file
  • Show recorded markers or self defined markers in the altitude graph

  • Show recorded track data as track in OpenStreetMap Maps
  • Usage of own offline tile servers
  • Planning and modification of tracks and routes in OpenStreetMap Maps
  • Usage of track overlays by Drag’n’Drop from train units for train planning
  • Highlight of track points in the map and in the altitude profile
  • Assignment and viewing of photos by creation date/time of picture in the track
  • Managing of way, Garmin course and track points
  • Automatic creation of route direction and peak points
  • Get SRTM3 or GTOPO30 Elevation values
  • Communication with the GPS Device
  • Handling of different formats like gpx, kml, tcx, crs, ovl or as comma-separated list
  • Creation of a Google Maps V3 or Open Street Map of the track in .html format
  • Automatic Track Simulation with picture fade in.

Licence: Donateware
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